Saturday, August 1, 2009

Painting with my friend.

Yesterday i had my friend sara over. We went out to my back-yard ......which is covered with rocks. They are not dirty but clean..... and theres no grass. We came inside and painted 14 of them each. I painted a one with cards on it. And one for my grandma with a shopping bag and hearts on it. it was really fun. I also made one called Yello trees. I made a breast cancer sign, a rainbow, a smiley face, random polka dots. A water-Fall, a butterfly, and one that says daddy, and mommy on it. And one really cool one that has broken in half. Tonight i am going to paint more. Im not sure what to paint though. Now that she has left it is very boring. I went swimming a while ago it was fun. My pool is cold right now but it feels very nice on a very hot day. I have nothing letf to type about but im going to keep typing becuase i love to type. I hate being bored. Im am watcing hannah montana. Its awesome. I really like hannah montana.Terry and his friend Mark are swimming in the pool right now. i am bored. theres nothing to do. did i already type that? ok well byee
!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

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