Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yesterday i was playing with my friend sara.
She just got back from vancouver the other day. She had alot of fun.
I want her to sleep over 2day or 2morrow. 2morrow my aunt and cousins come back. I cant wait till tylers bday on the 2nd. Im making that cake..
Ok im bored
sydney schott

Friday, August 28, 2009


Ok living with my cousins isn't that bad yet,
eventually its going to be really really anoying living with 3 boys.
Im really bored right now.
The cottage was awesome! It was rigth on the beach, and the water was pretty warm, and the dogs were cute, we played skipo an poker at night.
The day after we got baack from the cottage ( sunday ) on monday we went to Elora quary again, but this time mariah and nathan and Tyler and Justin and shelly came too.
Im really bored.
5 more days till tylers b-day. That means ... more cake! Daddys birthday was yesterday. It was awesome. I decorated the cake. It looked very cool.
On August 26 I slept over at jaclyns place and went to babysit her nephew all day, we woke up at 7 and left seeing as in we were supposed to wake up at 6 but terri didnt either. And then we were there for 8 or 9 hours, and jaclyn came back to my place at bout 7. and then we made the cake had super ate the cake. Then later when everyone else was sleeping daddy terry me and jaclyn all had what was left of the cake. It was fun.
I had a double sleepover.
I am bored now. There is nothing to do. Tylers birthday is coming up soon... Finally. And terrys is in october. and yeah. I cant wait till back to school.
I still have to go back to school shopping. we need pencil crayons, and pens and highlighters, and a binder and a back pack and a lunch bag, and a few new clothes. And we changed the messiest storage room into the cleanest bedroom ever for the boys. and now mommy is in bed and aunt tammy and the boys are in tilsinbourge packing, im typing daddys playing a game and terrys whatching tv.
ok i gotta go know.
Sydney Schott

Thursday, August 20, 2009

:PCottage 2morrow:P

2morrow i am going to my moms friends Cottage!! Its going to be so awesome!!
With tubing and swimming in the lake and a bunch of other things... Its going to be the best. Bust the worst part is That its about a 2 hour drve. I can;t wait. I need to have full charge 2morrow because i cant Run out of battery for the car ride! I really can't wait. Tonight my cousins are going back to tilsinburge to stay at a friends till sunday, and aunt tammy has to waork up here. and mommy terry daddy and me, are going to be going to the cottage. So aunt tammy will be here alone at night and stuff. Its going to be awesome!!
well g2g for now.
Sydney Schott

Today is boring

Today I went swimming, and that’s it. I’m going to see if Mariah can come over to hang out. Today she got back from her grandparents place. I hope she is allowed to come over and play. If not L boo! Its 2:53 and I have to finish my blog before 3. Ok well I am bored with nothing to blog about. So. Yeah I’m bored and I have nothing to do. This morning I went swimming and later I might. Tomorrow I am going to a cottage. Its going to be awesome. Were going t go tubing and swimming, and lots of other things…. Its going to be awesome. Byeee
Sydney ...
:( i just checked and she's apparently not home.. says my daddy:(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beach with Sydney

Hey! Today I went to the beach with Sydney, It was so much fun. We were there for about 3 hours. It was fun!!! I went swimming and bought Ice cream and Fries, and I saw some very poor service. I thought the saying was… The Customer Is always right? Well apparently he thought we were stupid. It was awesome. They are going to go back there tomorrow. Today is my cousins birthday. I hope she has as much fun as I did. It was awesome. Me and Sydney and Andrew and Richie were all playing around. It was really awesome. I can’t wait, maybe some day I’ll go again. It was awesome!!
Well TTYL Byee(L)
Sydney schott

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today my friend sydney is coming over to play and its going to be so much fun. I think we'll go swimming or skate board down somewere. We probably will skate board outside with my cousins. or me and sydney can call on people. We are going to have so much fun. at 1:30 if shes not here yet i'm going to go outside and skateboard. My cousins and terry are very loud! I can hear them from up here! I wonder what they're doing? I am on msn right now, and facebook, and im blogging, and im waiting for sydney to get here. I can't wait. I haven't seen her in a while. Yesterday I got bangs! i love my bangs. So does sydney. I am really bored right now. My dad is reading a book on the couch. and the boys are probably playing video games down stairs. My cousins and aunt are living with us now.... soo yeah. My mom and aunt are at work. and yeah. I can't wait till sydney comes. Sara is in vancouer for the rest of the summer, Summer is at her nannys, And jaclyns at a bunch of cottages with her dad.

Byee (L)


Monday, August 17, 2009


Right now i am doing nothing! Tomorrow i might see if Sydney can come over and play, or i might go swimming. I am also going outside with the boys to let them Mingle with pple. seeing as there living hear now... not fully yet but there here. And i might play at highland if syd does come, but likely not cuz i dont want to bike, we'll probably go swimming. Today my mom cut my bangs! which i like very much and we went shopping for a new bathing suit to. and now i am bored in my bed doing nothing, nothing at all. im going to bed now.. byeee


Today i did ... nothing
Eirlier i went swimming then mommy cut my hair so i have bangs then went to get a bathing suit. nothing to much. i am bored. there is nothing to do. Ok well this is a reallly short blog but i felt like blogging even though there is nothing to blog about right now. Ill blog later bye.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

beach after thoughts

Elora Quarry
That was so much fun!! We went to the gorge to hike. It was cool, hot and kinda boring. Then we headed to Elora Quarry.
They have big rocks that you can jump off of and it was awesome. I went on the middle and the smallest one. I can hold my breath very long. Daddy couldn’t touch at the smallest one in the water, and I took off my shoes and jumped in and I went to the botten or almost because I felt sea weed. It was really cool!! There were these guys and they were jumping off the cliff. Its only for site seers and they went up and over the bar and jumped. Then this one guy was just waiting then out of nowhere he turned around and jumped and did a back flip. I met another girl there too. Her name is Chelsea. She was 12. It was so fun. We jumped off the rocks about 4 or 5 times. It was really cool. Terry had a lot of fun. Terry and daddy jumped off the biggest (the biggest one you’re allowed to jump off) when we first got there. It was so cool. I loved it. Next time we’re going either here or Emerald lake with our friends Mariah and Nate. I had lots of fun!.

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

beach before thoughts

Going to Elora gorge!
Today we are going to Elora Gorge. There are paddle boats and canoeing , hiking, swimming, and a beach. It going to be fun. Right now we are all in the car driving there we should be there in bout a hour. I can’t wait. Its going to be fun. Terry is playing his PSP and I am typing. Later I will write in my journal! Mommy an daddy are in the front seat driving. We just stopped off at the grocery store to get food for today. I have a Arizona iced tea. Terry has a coke. Daddy has a sandwich Terry has a ham sandwich and I don’t like anything that they had there so mommy picked a CEASER SALAD SANDWICH. Which I like but don’t want. I am very hungry because I didn’t have breakfast. We bought A Styrofoam cool and it keeps squeaking. Its ANNOYING. Well byee (L)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today i wanted to go and see bandslam but i guess i cant seeing as in its 2:35 already. I am really bored there is nothing to do. And i wanted to see summer today and see if she wanted to hang out or go to the movies. Summer just called and i caught her on voice mail. and im not allowed to call her back. i want to go to the movies or play with summer. I guess she is back from her nannys today. I am watching tv right now and im on msn,

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Double sleepover!

I am having a sleep over with jalcyn again. There is nothing to do seeing as in she feel asleep. Its not even 1:30. Tomorrow y aunt is woking. I am going to wake up and get everything ready! I am going to with jaclyn for a bit, then on our way to skating drop her off. Then we are going to go skating. I am happy its my last sesion. Jaclyn says that im just a quiter. The only reson she hasnt quite hockey is cause she HAS to play hockey. I dont care i tryed skating and i dont want to comtinue right now..... Im going to wait till winter comes againthen maybe do it. Me foot is all peeled. I dont want to go tomorrow oh well:( Thn after im going home and packing my bags, Im going to my grandparents place. The yeah ill go on from therre. Ill blog later byee !

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sleep Over!!

Hey Everybody. (Again the only person who reads this...aka daddy) I am having a sleep over with my best friend jaclyn. We are all hyper. We are having fun. We went to the store eirlier and got candy. It was awesome. now we are chewing straws. I really dont know how to tlak right now seeing as in theres nothing to say. I am on msn talking to my other friend summer. We have halls right now. they are good. Today i had fun. jaclyn came over and we played a ton of games. we are bitting straws right now. We just finished making braclets. well peace out!

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

My day.

So far my day has been pretty good. cuzens are hear and there boys ..... so its anoying, I woke up at 11:00 this morning. I woke up at 5:50 am and had a nose bleed.:( I woke up and went down and talked to my friend jaclyn for a hour or 2. wich is hard to believe seeing as in she called when i was in bed. And then we started planning her birthday party. Then i mentioned i really wanted to see her. I cleaned my room, and unloaded the dishwasher, and now i am talking to jaclyn. I am going to ask my daddy if i can go play with her soon. I really can believe this is like 100 words. It seems like its only like 50. Ohh well. My aunt just started her job today.. I wonder hows shes doing. Well to my daddy who reads this.. i say hope u have a great day.

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hey! sleep ova!

Hey everyone. as in dad ur the only one who reads this. I am having a sleep over tonight with my friend sydney. same name as me!. We are having so much fun. We just finished tlaking to all of our friends on msn. My parents went to bed at like 11 or 12. and we are still awake at 3:00. Me and sydney are having so much fun. At 11:00 pm. or so, my mommy took us to the groicery store to get a snack. We ended Up each getting our own bag of chips. we were gonna get ice cream but decided on chips. Sydney b. got Origonal sundressed chips, and i had Smart food popcorn. We are in my room right now! lifes awesome!!. i Have nothing else to say. Well ill blog again later today. I am doing this blogg now because i didnt blog yesterday. so mine as well do one now. eh? Its better than nothing. 3 In the morning doesnt could anyways! well see ya!

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today i woke up at ....11:00 i think. Then i went downstairs and watched tv. Then i went upstairs to get my laptop. I typed a whole blog.... then somehow it got deleted. Then i had lunch. I kept taking cold things and trying to put them on my dads back. but he kept trying to put it on my back. I had a sandwich for lunch. Then i went to go get dressed. I went outside to talk to my friend. then i went back inside. Now i am watching tv. Im watching Fillmore. Its over now though. Yesterday i had a pool party it was fun. A few of my neighbours came over. It was Really fun. Sometime This summer we are going to go to Emerald lake. Its gonna be so cool. Mariah says there are cliffs that you jump off into the lake. and its soooo deep. and u have life jakets on and.... and..... Its going to be so fun.

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long walk.

Today i woke up at 11. then i went on my computer, but the battery ran out. so i went downstairs to have some muffins. Then we all decided to drive down town, and take a walk. So we went almost downtown, parked and started walking. we walked down, along the grand river. There were lots or people fishing. Then we listened to some folks music playing live around downtown. Then we went up to L.A Franks. My daddy and mommy shared a small fry, and me and my brother terry got each a regular ice cream cone. Mine was cookies 'n' cream and terry got plain french vanilla. Then we started walking back. We saw the pillar of hope. We started wondering what it was used for, or why they made it. we saw people canoeing and fishing and a family of ducks at the bottom of the pillar of hope. Then we finally got back to our car. On the way home i was really really thirsty. We all had our windows down. it was nice and cool. now i am home. typing. here is a picture of the pillar of hope. It used to be a pillar bridge. But thats the only remain of it. later they added a chair to it

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Painting with my friend.

Yesterday i had my friend sara over. We went out to my back-yard ......which is covered with rocks. They are not dirty but clean..... and theres no grass. We came inside and painted 14 of them each. I painted a one with cards on it. And one for my grandma with a shopping bag and hearts on it. it was really fun. I also made one called Yello trees. I made a breast cancer sign, a rainbow, a smiley face, random polka dots. A water-Fall, a butterfly, and one that says daddy, and mommy on it. And one really cool one that has broken in half. Tonight i am going to paint more. Im not sure what to paint though. Now that she has left it is very boring. I went swimming a while ago it was fun. My pool is cold right now but it feels very nice on a very hot day. I have nothing letf to type about but im going to keep typing becuase i love to type. I hate being bored. Im am watcing hannah montana. Its awesome. I really like hannah montana.Terry and his friend Mark are swimming in the pool right now. i am bored. theres nothing to do. did i already type that? ok well byee
!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!