Monday, August 2, 2010


ksoo... were like a month into summer now. and im gunna start up my blog again(:
so far i've been doing alot of swiming this summer(:

Hey did you know that if you seach up sydney schott on google>>>. yes GOOGLE ;P
2 of my blogs come up as the 2nd and 3rd one on the first page(:

Today me and my family are going to biggamans water park with our friends mariah and nate.
Today i had to wake up before 12 ! ;o D;
i dont like waking up before 12.....
a few weeks ago we went to this lodge.. PowWow lodge in huntsville. Yes it is called POW-WOW ;P Look it up on GOOGLE!(:
ohhh google..... what would we do without it;D
sooo anyways, at pow-wow we had sooo much fun. i was like a little resort right by the lake. With HUDGE blow up toys(:
The ice-Burge is sooo,, funn(:
and then theres another one thats like a rock climbing slide. one side is like rock climbing and you have to climb up it to go down the slide(:
and then we also hada campfire and 2 of theboys there played guitar(:
It was really fun;D
And then just last week or so my cousin came up for a few days. We went swimming ALOT. and tanned ALOT;P
we also hung out , and watched movies(:
OHHH yea.... and i have to deliver papers ;(

well were going to biggamins soon(:
so i have to go now(:
Goodbye blog(:

xx`~_-xX Sydneyy Xx-_~`xx