Sunday, August 9, 2009

Double sleepover!

I am having a sleep over with jalcyn again. There is nothing to do seeing as in she feel asleep. Its not even 1:30. Tomorrow y aunt is woking. I am going to wake up and get everything ready! I am going to with jaclyn for a bit, then on our way to skating drop her off. Then we are going to go skating. I am happy its my last sesion. Jaclyn says that im just a quiter. The only reson she hasnt quite hockey is cause she HAS to play hockey. I dont care i tryed skating and i dont want to comtinue right now..... Im going to wait till winter comes againthen maybe do it. Me foot is all peeled. I dont want to go tomorrow oh well:( Thn after im going home and packing my bags, Im going to my grandparents place. The yeah ill go on from therre. Ill blog later byee !

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

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