Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mickey mouse club house.

I like to watch the mickey mouse club house.
Goofy and mickey and pluto and doc. and daisy, and minnie , and donald are awesome.
Goofy is a dog. Which i dont get because hes the onlydog that gets to talk and stand on two legs.
Mickey is a mouse. And my favourite mouse. He's also the min charector and has his own show.
Pluto is mickeys dog. He used to he minnies dog, and its name was diffrent, but minnie gave pluto to mickey as a birthday present. Doc is... a duck.... Daisy is a duck who is donalds girlfriend. And minnie is a mouse like mickey. and is mickeys girlfriend. i like the show because i love disney charectors. They are so cute. and funny. I like how donald is allways getting in trouble from daisy. And how they're always solving a problem. I like how they have the theme somg. Miska mouska mickey mouse! And i love how toodles comes in diffrently every time. i also like to sin along with the hot dog dance. I like the hot dog dance too. i like it still. Even though it is a little kids show. its awesome. well
mickey mouse!
Its the mickey mouse club house... come inside its fun inside, its the mickey mouse club house!

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