Sunday, August 16, 2009

beach before thoughts

Going to Elora gorge!
Today we are going to Elora Gorge. There are paddle boats and canoeing , hiking, swimming, and a beach. It going to be fun. Right now we are all in the car driving there we should be there in bout a hour. I can’t wait. Its going to be fun. Terry is playing his PSP and I am typing. Later I will write in my journal! Mommy an daddy are in the front seat driving. We just stopped off at the grocery store to get food for today. I have a Arizona iced tea. Terry has a coke. Daddy has a sandwich Terry has a ham sandwich and I don’t like anything that they had there so mommy picked a CEASER SALAD SANDWICH. Which I like but don’t want. I am very hungry because I didn’t have breakfast. We bought A Styrofoam cool and it keeps squeaking. Its ANNOYING. Well byee (L)

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