Thursday, August 6, 2009

hey! sleep ova!

Hey everyone. as in dad ur the only one who reads this. I am having a sleep over tonight with my friend sydney. same name as me!. We are having so much fun. We just finished tlaking to all of our friends on msn. My parents went to bed at like 11 or 12. and we are still awake at 3:00. Me and sydney are having so much fun. At 11:00 pm. or so, my mommy took us to the groicery store to get a snack. We ended Up each getting our own bag of chips. we were gonna get ice cream but decided on chips. Sydney b. got Origonal sundressed chips, and i had Smart food popcorn. We are in my room right now! lifes awesome!!. i Have nothing else to say. Well ill blog again later today. I am doing this blogg now because i didnt blog yesterday. so mine as well do one now. eh? Its better than nothing. 3 In the morning doesnt could anyways! well see ya!

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!


  1. Haha the start to this post has me sitting here laughing so loud!
    You are funny girl! ( and likely right, but still im laughing )

  2. catch me on my new blogs - go to my compete profile and my 2 new ones r grade6 diary, and pointless online jounral (: