Friday, August 28, 2009


Ok living with my cousins isn't that bad yet,
eventually its going to be really really anoying living with 3 boys.
Im really bored right now.
The cottage was awesome! It was rigth on the beach, and the water was pretty warm, and the dogs were cute, we played skipo an poker at night.
The day after we got baack from the cottage ( sunday ) on monday we went to Elora quary again, but this time mariah and nathan and Tyler and Justin and shelly came too.
Im really bored.
5 more days till tylers b-day. That means ... more cake! Daddys birthday was yesterday. It was awesome. I decorated the cake. It looked very cool.
On August 26 I slept over at jaclyns place and went to babysit her nephew all day, we woke up at 7 and left seeing as in we were supposed to wake up at 6 but terri didnt either. And then we were there for 8 or 9 hours, and jaclyn came back to my place at bout 7. and then we made the cake had super ate the cake. Then later when everyone else was sleeping daddy terry me and jaclyn all had what was left of the cake. It was fun.
I had a double sleepover.
I am bored now. There is nothing to do. Tylers birthday is coming up soon... Finally. And terrys is in october. and yeah. I cant wait till back to school.
I still have to go back to school shopping. we need pencil crayons, and pens and highlighters, and a binder and a back pack and a lunch bag, and a few new clothes. And we changed the messiest storage room into the cleanest bedroom ever for the boys. and now mommy is in bed and aunt tammy and the boys are in tilsinbourge packing, im typing daddys playing a game and terrys whatching tv.
ok i gotta go know.
Sydney Schott

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