Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mickey mouse club house.

I like to watch the mickey mouse club house.
Goofy and mickey and pluto and doc. and daisy, and minnie , and donald are awesome.
Goofy is a dog. Which i dont get because hes the onlydog that gets to talk and stand on two legs.
Mickey is a mouse. And my favourite mouse. He's also the min charector and has his own show.
Pluto is mickeys dog. He used to he minnies dog, and its name was diffrent, but minnie gave pluto to mickey as a birthday present. Doc is... a duck.... Daisy is a duck who is donalds girlfriend. And minnie is a mouse like mickey. and is mickeys girlfriend. i like the show because i love disney charectors. They are so cute. and funny. I like how donald is allways getting in trouble from daisy. And how they're always solving a problem. I like how they have the theme somg. Miska mouska mickey mouse! And i love how toodles comes in diffrently every time. i also like to sin along with the hot dog dance. I like the hot dog dance too. i like it still. Even though it is a little kids show. its awesome. well
mickey mouse!
Its the mickey mouse club house... come inside its fun inside, its the mickey mouse club house!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This picture i painted in january or febuary 2009 with my aunt.

What we did was take cardboardstrips and dip it in with and another colour. Me and my aunt love art. My aunt was ... is a artist.

I love to draw and paint and colour. I used to print pictures or cartoon carectors or princesses off the internet and trace the other side of the page. Now i love to do free hand. Me and my daddy used to draw and play together. My daddy and me would print pictures of Ariel, or Jasmin or Aladin or anyother princess and colour them. He would colour super hero's like spiderman, or Batman. Now me and my daddy dont draw or colour together any more. Me and my mommy would sometimes draw together. I have a big portfolio of mine and my dads colouring picture. my daddys were all neat and mine were all messy and outside the lines. I also have paintings i did. But for a few years now i've really been into art. I think im pretty good free hand at drawing stuff if i look at it or have a picture. I like to sit outside on a nice day and draw landscape. I draw cards of diffrent carectors for my firends bithdays. Like mickey mouse, or Whinney the Pooh. When i was little for my bithday, my aunt made me a jar to put pens in decorated in fake white pettaled flowers,with a pink rose for a middle. Then last year in the card i got a picture of a cat. its so cute. ....... Art is so cool. I also have other painting me and my aunt did together. One of them i did two years ago in grade 2. You get a canvas and little bottles of paint. and squirt it all over the canvas. with a bunch of diffrent colours. its awesome. And i have one from this year. I made in In january or febuary. same time i made the painting in the picture. Its the same. squirting the bottles on the canvas. its a bigger canvas and diffrent, lighter colours.

well .... sydney out!

!!**@ Sydney Schott @**!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cee Cee's summer The gold Apples.

Hey everybody.
My dad has just wrote a book called THE GOLD APPLES. Its about customer service. I read it and Its really good. You can read the whole book online for free. Or you can buy it online at his site
Its about A man named Aaron. Aaron receives a platinum gold apple card one day from a man named steve. Aaron then follows the directions on the back of the card searching for Steve to meet him again. On the way the card lead him to many different gold apple owners. He learns the key rules to great customer service.
You can read his daily blogs online too , you can even email steve. if you have recived a gold apple card or white gold apple card that looks like the cards in the corner. you can go to to find out what it means.

discover the book at THE GOLD APPLES .com

Friday, July 24, 2009


This Morning i had to go to the doctors. They say i don't have strep throat but the tests from the lab wont come back for a week or so! I hate having sore throats, I Cant wait tonight my Aunt and cousins are coming up to stay with us for a few days till Tuesday maybe. My aunt is going to be looking for a job up around here. Its gonna be so fun. Well right now i am sitting typing. But earlier Jaclyn had slept over twice so she was here this morning. and my dad had to pic up my other friend cause she was staying here to play till her parents got home from work. When i went to the doctors Mariah and Jaclyn played. Apparently Jaclyn was a bit rude to her?! I'm not sure i wasn't here. After lunch Jaclyn went home and me Terry and Mariah played on the wii. We played game cube games though. By the time we got bored It was almost 3 o'clock. So we took our bikes and went up to her place. We had to stuff the Cambridge times because her and her brother Nathan are the delivery people. It was alot of papers. Terry Stuffed like 12, but me and mariah had both finished stuffing 18 each. (one was for terry.) And then i stuffed 5 for him and mariah stuffed a few and finally he had enough. Terry had to deliver 27 house. and me and mariah had to delivered 35 houses. Terry decided to carry his papers in the paper boy bag. he could barely walk, thats how heavy it was. It was really funny. Me and mariah tried bags but once we got out of her drive-way it was WAY to weavy. So we put it in the cart. Then when we got back to Mariahs place we went on the computer. We played a game on Neopets called fairy bubble or something? we played it for 1 hour or 2. Then Terry got bored so we decided to bike back. Then when we got home my dad had lost his bill-fold. so we were looking all over for it and i walk up to his book self and say... "found it!" thats were he pts everythingg.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CeeCee's summer:)

Yesterday i went to get my hair cut, at FAD hair studio. It is really short. It used to be past my sholders. Now its short. i feel like a puffball is on my head. Oh well I like it. And im donating my hair to the cancer thingy. Yesterday i also went to my aunts' , with Mom Dad Terry and Jaclyn.
My aunt and cousins live way out of town in Tillsonburge. She had a cat. His name was Jonas, But her ran away a few months ago. Yesterday when we got home Jaclyn slept over. We had Ice-Cream and Popcorn, and stayed up till 3:30. We wern't tired till then. It was so much fun. We played with our build-a-bearsIt was fun. Their names are Kyle, Roise, Sammy, Peter and Gabriella. It was really fun. We played school with the build-a-bears. Sammy is a turtle, Kyle is an Elephant, Gabriella and Peter are Koala bears, and Roise is a pink heart bear. it was so fun. Rightas i am typing me and jaclyn are wathcing TV. We have just woke up, and im hungry. We are watching Kim Possible. Jaclyn doesn't like it though. Well .... Sydney OUT!


Monday, July 13, 2009

My birhtday

Hello! I am very very very exited. Only two more days until my birhtday. Im turning 11 and cant wait.
Right before school ended my class finished reading a book called 11 Birthdays. Its a really good book.
Hopefully my birhtday isn't like the two kids 11th birthday. They kept re-living it over and over until the two
friends celebrated there birhtdays together AGAIN.
For my birhtdqy Im having a pool party. 8 of my best friends are coming. and its gonna be awesome!!
Today me and my dad are going to be going to the dollar store to get stuff for loop bags. CANT WAIT!!!
Sooo anyways i guess my dad has really forced me and my brother to blog bout SUMMER!!
Summer is suposed to be bout not plaing on doing anything... well i dont care. Well CeeCee out!!