Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today i woke up at ....11:00 i think. Then i went downstairs and watched tv. Then i went upstairs to get my laptop. I typed a whole blog.... then somehow it got deleted. Then i had lunch. I kept taking cold things and trying to put them on my dads back. but he kept trying to put it on my back. I had a sandwich for lunch. Then i went to go get dressed. I went outside to talk to my friend. then i went back inside. Now i am watching tv. Im watching Fillmore. Its over now though. Yesterday i had a pool party it was fun. A few of my neighbours came over. It was Really fun. Sometime This summer we are going to go to Emerald lake. Its gonna be so cool. Mariah says there are cliffs that you jump off into the lake. and its soooo deep. and u have life jakets on and.... and..... Its going to be so fun.

!!**@Sydney Schott@**!!

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