Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long walk.

Today i woke up at 11. then i went on my computer, but the battery ran out. so i went downstairs to have some muffins. Then we all decided to drive down town, and take a walk. So we went almost downtown, parked and started walking. we walked down, along the grand river. There were lots or people fishing. Then we listened to some folks music playing live around downtown. Then we went up to L.A Franks. My daddy and mommy shared a small fry, and me and my brother terry got each a regular ice cream cone. Mine was cookies 'n' cream and terry got plain french vanilla. Then we started walking back. We saw the pillar of hope. We started wondering what it was used for, or why they made it. we saw people canoeing and fishing and a family of ducks at the bottom of the pillar of hope. Then we finally got back to our car. On the way home i was really really thirsty. We all had our windows down. it was nice and cool. now i am home. typing. here is a picture of the pillar of hope. It used to be a pillar bridge. But thats the only remain of it. later they added a chair to it

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