Monday, July 13, 2009

My birhtday

Hello! I am very very very exited. Only two more days until my birhtday. Im turning 11 and cant wait.
Right before school ended my class finished reading a book called 11 Birthdays. Its a really good book.
Hopefully my birhtday isn't like the two kids 11th birthday. They kept re-living it over and over until the two
friends celebrated there birhtdays together AGAIN.
For my birhtdqy Im having a pool party. 8 of my best friends are coming. and its gonna be awesome!!
Today me and my dad are going to be going to the dollar store to get stuff for loop bags. CANT WAIT!!!
Sooo anyways i guess my dad has really forced me and my brother to blog bout SUMMER!!
Summer is suposed to be bout not plaing on doing anything... well i dont care. Well CeeCee out!!



  1. Looks good kitten!

    My 'lil girl is turning 11 !!

    Love ya

  2. lol thnx daddy..... i think !!! only 2 more hours!!