Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cee Cee's summer The gold Apples.

Hey everybody.
My dad has just wrote a book called THE GOLD APPLES. Its about customer service. I read it and Its really good. You can read the whole book online for free. Or you can buy it online at his site
Its about A man named Aaron. Aaron receives a platinum gold apple card one day from a man named steve. Aaron then follows the directions on the back of the card searching for Steve to meet him again. On the way the card lead him to many different gold apple owners. He learns the key rules to great customer service.
You can read his daily blogs online too , you can even email steve. if you have recived a gold apple card or white gold apple card that looks like the cards in the corner. you can go to to find out what it means.

discover the book at THE GOLD APPLES .com

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