Friday, July 24, 2009


This Morning i had to go to the doctors. They say i don't have strep throat but the tests from the lab wont come back for a week or so! I hate having sore throats, I Cant wait tonight my Aunt and cousins are coming up to stay with us for a few days till Tuesday maybe. My aunt is going to be looking for a job up around here. Its gonna be so fun. Well right now i am sitting typing. But earlier Jaclyn had slept over twice so she was here this morning. and my dad had to pic up my other friend cause she was staying here to play till her parents got home from work. When i went to the doctors Mariah and Jaclyn played. Apparently Jaclyn was a bit rude to her?! I'm not sure i wasn't here. After lunch Jaclyn went home and me Terry and Mariah played on the wii. We played game cube games though. By the time we got bored It was almost 3 o'clock. So we took our bikes and went up to her place. We had to stuff the Cambridge times because her and her brother Nathan are the delivery people. It was alot of papers. Terry Stuffed like 12, but me and mariah had both finished stuffing 18 each. (one was for terry.) And then i stuffed 5 for him and mariah stuffed a few and finally he had enough. Terry had to deliver 27 house. and me and mariah had to delivered 35 houses. Terry decided to carry his papers in the paper boy bag. he could barely walk, thats how heavy it was. It was really funny. Me and mariah tried bags but once we got out of her drive-way it was WAY to weavy. So we put it in the cart. Then when we got back to Mariahs place we went on the computer. We played a game on Neopets called fairy bubble or something? we played it for 1 hour or 2. Then Terry got bored so we decided to bike back. Then when we got home my dad had lost his bill-fold. so we were looking all over for it and i walk up to his book self and say... "found it!" thats were he pts everythingg.

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