Thursday, July 23, 2009

CeeCee's summer:)

Yesterday i went to get my hair cut, at FAD hair studio. It is really short. It used to be past my sholders. Now its short. i feel like a puffball is on my head. Oh well I like it. And im donating my hair to the cancer thingy. Yesterday i also went to my aunts' , with Mom Dad Terry and Jaclyn.
My aunt and cousins live way out of town in Tillsonburge. She had a cat. His name was Jonas, But her ran away a few months ago. Yesterday when we got home Jaclyn slept over. We had Ice-Cream and Popcorn, and stayed up till 3:30. We wern't tired till then. It was so much fun. We played with our build-a-bearsIt was fun. Their names are Kyle, Roise, Sammy, Peter and Gabriella. It was really fun. We played school with the build-a-bears. Sammy is a turtle, Kyle is an Elephant, Gabriella and Peter are Koala bears, and Roise is a pink heart bear. it was so fun. Rightas i am typing me and jaclyn are wathcing TV. We have just woke up, and im hungry. We are watching Kim Possible. Jaclyn doesn't like it though. Well .... Sydney OUT!


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