Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This picture i painted in january or febuary 2009 with my aunt.

What we did was take cardboardstrips and dip it in with and another colour. Me and my aunt love art. My aunt was ... is a artist.

I love to draw and paint and colour. I used to print pictures or cartoon carectors or princesses off the internet and trace the other side of the page. Now i love to do free hand. Me and my daddy used to draw and play together. My daddy and me would print pictures of Ariel, or Jasmin or Aladin or anyother princess and colour them. He would colour super hero's like spiderman, or Batman. Now me and my daddy dont draw or colour together any more. Me and my mommy would sometimes draw together. I have a big portfolio of mine and my dads colouring picture. my daddys were all neat and mine were all messy and outside the lines. I also have paintings i did. But for a few years now i've really been into art. I think im pretty good free hand at drawing stuff if i look at it or have a picture. I like to sit outside on a nice day and draw landscape. I draw cards of diffrent carectors for my firends bithdays. Like mickey mouse, or Whinney the Pooh. When i was little for my bithday, my aunt made me a jar to put pens in decorated in fake white pettaled flowers,with a pink rose for a middle. Then last year in the card i got a picture of a cat. its so cute. ....... Art is so cool. I also have other painting me and my aunt did together. One of them i did two years ago in grade 2. You get a canvas and little bottles of paint. and squirt it all over the canvas. with a bunch of diffrent colours. its awesome. And i have one from this year. I made in In january or febuary. same time i made the painting in the picture. Its the same. squirting the bottles on the canvas. its a bigger canvas and diffrent, lighter colours.

well .... sydney out!

!!**@ Sydney Schott @**!!

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