Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last post on july 24th.
Four days ago.
whoops ;3
YAYAYAYAY. jaclynn... my friendd is home today from vancouver. im pretty sure i already talked about this,. if so read about other blogs ;P
Anywayyss. she just landed at the toronto airport. i would never be able to fly alone ;s SCARRY!!!
anyywaays. today on netflix, i watched like four movies and four tv shows ;D
Camps in FOUR DAYS . well its four days . but technically , this day is BASICALLY over, so its kinda in three and 2 hours..... ;d
i cant waiiiitt! its going to be awesome. me and my mom went shopping yesterday and got a bynch of stuff for camp. i got some shorts, and some tank tops and t-shirts, a bathing suit... yadada.. you know... usual stuff you bring to camp ;p ahaa.
Well blogg ya tomorrow. ;D

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