Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Wanna hear what FUN thing happened last night at 2 oclock??
Well you see. there was a moth in my room -.-
and i HATE moths. there so creepy. so me, i had to kill it. so like 2;30 i finally did. and then i couldnt get to sleep. so i finally fell alseep around 3. and then i woke up at four, and i dont know what happened. I think it was from my body heat, because i was lying on my phone, but my phone was BURNING hot, like it hurt to touch it, so i like pulled the battery and let it cool off and then put it back in and then went back to sleep.
Yep. pretty exciting night?
So i FINALLY slept at like four oclock am. So guess what time i woke up today? The longest i've slept this summer so far, Okay so i woke up at 11;00 . But the i checked my messages, ( 6 of them ;s )
and then went back to sleep and woke up at...
1;00 Pm. (:
so its 2;30 and i am...
facebooking and watching tv,. on tumblr and typing this blog,
So i CANT WAIT till friday.
two more days till my birthday!!!!!!
heehee! im so excited!!!!!
Last night we went to go see the movie Horrible bosses, so we got our tickets , and there was like 64 seats left apparently. and then we got there, and we were at the VERY front, so we went and got a refund, and got MARBLE SLAB ice cream instead (:
so that was fun.
Kay., I have nothing else.
X.O.X.O- Sydneyy Schott

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