Thursday, July 14, 2011

Okay sooo

Okay soo..
tomorrow . since i leave around 10 to go to toronto .
I don't really get to see my daddy for long , and im not with him for my birthday din din.
So we decided to do birthday dinner and stuff tonight.
YES i also recived my present from him ;D
tank yew dada ;D
so now i dont have to buy it (:
i love it !
its puuurrtty .
Its the nikon coolpix search it and be jealous. ; D
So i held off blogging till tonight ,
so i can blog all i've done today ;D
Okay so last night i wasnt tired,, and i ended up going to bed at 5;00 am. FUUUN.
and better i was awoken at 11;00 am.
gr. i woke up at am. THERES A FIRST ;)
and then i sat around until about three and did nothing,
so around three, i decided to get ready for tonight, so i curled my hair. and OMG it took 4EVAH! <--- and thats spellings legit.
the curls wouldnt co-operate with me.
sooo.. FINALLY after like 30 minutes i finally got my curls done, so i teased it up a little in the back so its a little raised.and so on. it was nice (:
i loved it. and i did my make up and got dressed and yadayadayada...
then at 5 we went and picked up terrys dog tag.
Then at 6 we went to the mandarin ;D
and then ate till we died...
then after we went to the book store and i bought two books (:
and then we saw horrible bosses.........
and then we came home ;D
good day ;D and tomorrows my actual birthday,
that day i've been counting down for 4EVAH! <-- See i used the legit spelling again. ;) and i cant wait!
;D teehee. well blog ya in a couple hours.

X.O.X.O- Sydneyy Schott

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