Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOOO :'(

:'( R.I.P. summer 2011 The first month of the summer i really did basically NOTHING, I had my birthday and blew 260 bucks or soo? And then i did more nothing, Then the second month ( August) I went to camp the first week , and then when i got back i started doing more stuff, I bussed to the mall for the first time with my friends :D and since we have gone to the mall like 4 times? and the fairview mall once,
It`s fun being able to take the bus because if we get bored we can just bus to the mall or something : ) Its really fun xD
And i started having more sleepovers and hanging out with people during the day more ; p and I have another blog, Different typpe of blog and i go on that EVERY day. Its addictive ;D
I got alot of stuff ( clothes , jewelery , makeup ) I still need a bunch of back to school supplies, I used my birthday money to buy a bunch of clothes so im kinda covered on that, But there are still so many more that i want to buy, I basically only really shopped at about 3 stores when i bought all my clothes, there are so many other stores that have nice clothes ; / I NEED MONEY.
I like babysitting.... ;3
NOO. i am not getting a paper route again...
thats just a pain in the butt,,
and you dont get paid enough money..
My brothers luck -__- He got a job working at the pizza place ** Latamacheese** Around the corner from us : ( I want a job! -_____-.
Anybody feeling generous and just wanna like... Hand out some free money to me ? ;) Come on you know you want to...

im excited... Everyone says that grade 8 is the best year at my school... I wanna go back to school, the only thing I`m going to miss is being able to sleep in and have sleepovers whatever day i want : (
I would say and it sucks ill have homework..
But my schools kinda epically awesome and nomatter what grade the teachers are too stupid to give us homework..
Oh well works for me (Y)
For grade nine i want to go to a school called ~ eastwood colliegate institute ~
And its for preforming arts ( :
Buuut, we kinda have to talk about it...
we havent talked to much about it ;/
I wanna go ;D

Kaay , soo this is probably a boring post written for no one to read.
Poor post i feel bad for it : (
Kayy well byee,


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