Wednesday, September 2, 2009


yeeee!! School starts in 6 days!! 6 Days... can you believe that?!?! I can;t wait, New school, New class mates, New erangments... Everything! Its going to be so exiting!! I cant wait. some days ill take the bus home and some days ill walk, maybe skate board!! its going to be sooooooo cool. I cant wait. I wonder who my homeroom teacher is going to be and i wonder what type of work were going to have, all my friends swear that the first week every day there going to get lost. I've been there a lot of times... or so it feels like it, maybe 5 or 6 times. And i couldn't really get lost... maybe it would take a few extra minutes to find a class or two, expesially if its in the porta pack. .. its hard to get lost because you have to stay with your class the whole time so yeah. Its going to be so awesome... Once school starts i am going to keep a school diary on a new blog. let u know what it is later... byee
Sydney Schott

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